Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Here we go

So here I am.  Starting a Blog for the very first time. Joined via Mumsnet searching for some advice initially on how to cope with a teenage daughter (and her mood swings!).  At 13 years of age she has within the last 2 months morphed into something unrecognisable. My bright caring funny pretty daughter has gone and in her place is a seething angry female with not a care for anyone else but herself.
Today while we are busy packing up our house in readiness to move on Friday she came home from school changed into her pyjamas (why?) ate some food did her homework (after a fashion) and sat alone talking on Facebook and watching TV whilst the rest of us feverishly packed up box after box around her.

Any attempts to engage her were ignored.  When I tried to discuss her homework and the importance of keeping up with her school work I was told that she was not interested in school and so what if she didn't do as well as she could have.  This is coming from a girl who has always been a high achiever and is in the top sets for English and Maths and does incredibly well in her end of year exams. Why all of a sudden does she not care? This is the part that bothers me most - the lack of interest in her studies when all her friends are incredibly studious.
Interestingly at bed time (around 9-ish) she complained because I did not say goodnight to her - I did and kissed her goodnight as usual but was so caught up in the packing I came downstairs almost immediately to continue.  She came down and refused to go to bed until I paid more attention to her.
Oh what will tomorrow bring?  I do feel at the end of my tether

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