Saturday, 11 April 2015

Such is life!

So, DD and DS are now 17 and 15 respectively and so much has changed. DD now  completing first year of AS Levels after her very successful GCSE results.  We also now have a boyfriend in tow! He is a rather lovely chap.  Very easy going, and very keen on DD. (More details to follow!)

DS is in the throes of studying for his final GCSE's, however, his approach is not the same as his sisters!  His has more of a laid back approach -so laid back I wonder if any work is getting done. I'm caught between the old 'give him a push' theory and the 'let him do it himself' theory; however I am trying not to get myself as worked up as I did last year when DS was attempting some early GCSE's and DD was completing all of hers.  At one point I'm pretty sure my blood pressure soared to way above anything that could be considered normal!

Anyway just to bring you up to date. As DD is 17 she can now (and has been) learning to drive. Oh. My. Days.  What a way to raise the blood pressure! She has paid lessons but I take her out too in order to improve her road sense.  Anyway, 13 lessons later and I take her out for a quick drive before she goes to work, yes, she also has a part time job, and within the first 5 minutes she approached two junctions without caution and at the second (blind) junction she didn't even stop and therefore pulled out on a car who narrowly missed us. Queue lots of shouting by me.  She didn't even apologise.  I couldn't stop shaking for some time.  Clearly not ready to take her test, which incidentally, she has booked!

So, readers, in a nutshell, we are still having a rather, on times 'shouty' relationship and I am, still, worrying about their every move.  Such is life eh?....

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