Sunday, 21 October 2012

Her tears and my tantrum

Tears of a different kind this morning - DD unwell.  Suddenly remembered what her dm does for her - wipes her brow brings her hot honey and lemon and a bagel (not that ill then!).

Been on Mumsnet and publicly announced that I would hold back from nagging dd however have just failed spectacularly as wanted her to revise her History for test next week! AARGHH!!

Oh and now I've just made her dinner and now she is refusing to wash up and if she doesshe will only wash her dishes.  I think I may explode shortly. Yes‚ I know I am my own worst enemy. Repeating mantra "back offback off".

Holy cow! I have exploded - dh and myself have had a blazing row - dd sitting quietly through the  whole episode casually playing on her mobile phoneI repeat AARGHH!! Breathe.....

A quiet harmony has descended as dh has sat me down and explained that I cannot control dd and she has to learn from her own mistakes and tough if she regrets stopping the activities she has done for so long (and is talented at) and tough if she fails her assessments (hard one to swallow being as we are both teachers!).

He says it as it is and basically says to let her be and it will all come out in the wash.....
Hard lessons to learn for us all.

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