Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Oops Spoke to soon!

Not a bad start but then I didn't have to get up too early so I lay low until they had all gone for the day.

The day passed fairly uneventfully although did have one text asking if I could take DD to McD's after training! Just said thanks for asking but no as I had already prepared dinner.

Anyway things came to a head pretty early on this evening.  I asked DD to revise for her History test tomorrow which she went to do but with her laptop phone and her radio all in full swing.  When asked to surrender phone and turn down radio all hell broke loose at which point I told her that she would not be going to Saturdays party as planned.  She appeared not to believe me using a tone I can only assume she uses on her worst enemies, until I reiterated this several times and also told her that her father was backing me on this! DH normally stays out of these issues but not this one. 

Eventually she decided to give me her phone but I said it was too late and she should have given it to me when I first asked.  Oh boy did she start screaming and crying.  She practically broke down saying that she has been doing everything I asked of her and she's had enough!  She's had enough?? Blimey charley if only she would do as told/asked first time round she could have been done with the revision and been doing whatever she wanted.

By now I am half way through negotiating DS looking over some french work, and trying to serve up the dinner -  all on me this evening as DH works late.  I am now so emotionally exhausted that I can just about put the food on the table. Anyway all 3 of us sit down for dinner during which DS and DD bicker (I can deal with this) over who has drunk most of the Dr Pepper.

Now 3 hours gone by and DD done History revision but announces has Maths test too but "has a calculator" so isn't bothered with this one!......

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