Thursday, 25 October 2012

No tears or tantrums tonight but working up to being allowed to Saturdays party!  Both tests went "ok".  Today was the last day in school for DD as inset day tomorrow and half term next week. 

DS done all his homework as soon as he came home from school but if it earns him brownie points and gets it out the way for the week then he's happy! He will also only do the minimum required.

DD came to the gym with me tonight and made more of an effort than usual but that may be due to none of her friends being there so she had to exercise or talk to me!!

Once home she wanted to watch TV with me tonight so we watched Waterloo Road‚ mobile phone in hand in her case  but at least we are in the same room and are talking. Am walking on egg shells though as when I start to talk about things she doesn't want to talk about the tone in her voice changes immediately; I don't know what these things are so the only warning I get is when her tone alters. It's like walking through a bloody minefield.  I need a map please...

Teenagers are such strange creatures.  I have ordered a book recommended by someone on Mumsnet (dispatched today) which allegedly will put their tantrums into some kind of context.  Apparently some part of their brain shuts down as they are developing - pretty sure most of DD's shuts down when I talk to her. Ah well. Tomorrow is another day.

On a plus side I'm in work. On another plus side I'm out in the evening and they are staying with their Nanny.  Am I a bad mother for relishing this fact?

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