Saturday, 27 October 2012

Who's shoes??

Good day today.

Took DD dress shopping for a party on Tuesday evening and shoes for tonight; however‚  everything she liked did not fit (not that I saw that as I wasn't allowed into the dressing room) - I was only allowed to see what she did like‚  which was nothing.  She got into a strop with herself which was amusing.  I did as promised and held back from saying anything that could have been considered as starting an argument e.g. That looks nice etc.

Instead I just agreed that there was nothing in the shops‚  absolutely nothing‚  that was good enough for her and that everything else was rubbish (Fact is I saw so many lovely things she could have worn but it just wasn't worth pointing it out - made that mistake initially and got shot down in flames). Did have a chuckle to myself as I had  a flashback to when I was her age going shopping with my mother.

Funniest part was when she took herself off to buy a chilli chicken wrap because she was "stressed"; hilarious - actually offered to buy me something "my treat" she shouts as she wanders off to the food counter...

Anyway on return I took her to a fancy dress shop for Halloween outfit (Wednesday's party) and she found one immediately! If only dress shopping was as simple. Did suggest she wore her fancy dress outfit to the party on Tuesday but she ignored that one.

DS has been out playing all day with his mates and not been an ounce of trouble today - having said that just phoned him to say not to stay out too much longer as getting dark and he is over the other side of town with his friends and says he is in no rush to return home.  Just dropped casually into conversation that meatballs were on the menu this evening so don't think he will be too much longer!

Ah‚ off to the party she goes with her friends but DD has no coat and no bag - where does she 

keep her money? Down her bra!! Plus she must be freezing - apparently not!

Dropped the girls off but wasn't allowed to hang around just drop off and disappear.

Now sat in my pj's watching X Factor waiting for her return; fingers crossed she's had a good 

time. Have to say  she did look lovely going out tonight - IN MY SHOES!!!!

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