Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Average day today

Just your average day today.  No rows  although there nearly was one.  I came home after being to the gym to find no-one at home.  Quickly realised DH still in work and DS was walking the dog.  When I phoned to find out where DD was she replied "out" (really? I just thought you were pretending not to be here!) Turns out she has arranged to meet the new boyfriend. "What new boyfriend?" I here you ask.  Well truth be told he's not new.  She had a few dates with him before but with her school and sport commitments during the 2 or so months they dated she only saw him twice!

So. He's back on the scene.  Should I be afraid? I'm too afraid to commit to the Blog the various scenarios that I have put her in but I'm sure any other Mum or Dad can see where I'm coming from. I'm full of questions too. What do his parents do? What is he studying in school? What are his plans? What do you talk about with him? What do you do with him? - no STOP right there! I can't think about this anymore!!!

Trouble is I know at her age all the girls want a boyfriend and I don't not want her to but on my terms (I know I know not bloody likely).

Anyway she was out for quite some time.  Came home at the time that I asked her to but disappeared into her bedroom and hasn't been seen since.  Is this behaviour normal? I don't like it.  I want the child that always told me everything and wanted to spend time with me and did as she was told to return.

On a different note  I've been thinking about DS and the amount of time he spends out on his bike/skateboard and computer games and I realised something.  He does not read anything.

So I have set myself a target - to get DS to read something albeit a magazine/newspaper/encyclopedia/novel.  There are plenty of books in this house as I am an avid reader and both children over the years have amassed some good books. I did encourage him to start reading again last year and we went and bought some books. Indeed we actually took a lot of time seeking suitable books that he thought would interest him. But he never read them.  Why?  We always read to both of them as babies and as toddlers. In fact until the middle of Primary School we read to them and then they read to us. So why do they not bother anymore? Is it the fact that there are far too many other distractions - electronic or otherwise?

Anyway the target has been set - in my head - and I am about to send DS off to bed with a book.  Let's see how this effort pans out eh?

Will I ever stop worrying???

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