Sunday, 11 November 2012

Domestic goddess I do not pretend to be. However there is only so much even I can take. So in light of a fellow Blogger I decided to go on strike this week. Well.  I stopped doing the washing of any clothes - which of course has backfired enormously (quite literally!).  Two huge laundry baskets are now overflowing.  I think I may have shot myself in the foot.  

So there I was at 6am loading the washing machine muttering to myself - I mean, who else would have been up? Even the bloody dog was still napping!  I did manage to show them all how to use the washing machine but I'm not sure it sunk in with any of them.  DS did manage to vacuum and DD did dust her bedroom but that was it. I'm not asking too much of them am I?

Well anyway it was a very productive day. I managed to get quite a bit done and ready by early evening as myself and DH were off out with friends locally.  I'm not quite ready to let the children stay at home alone so arranged for the in laws to pop round for a couple of hours.

DD was still out to meet the boyfriend again - although apparently he is not the "boyfriend", I can't get my head around their relationships these days what with snaking, married and in a relationship on FB, but then I'm not supposed to am I?  She came back not long after we went out so once again has done as I asked - still feel that maybe she is angling for something.

DS on the other hand is morphing into something else. Woah! Stop right there.  Both days on the weekend he has communicated via a series of grunts or when he has spoken it was to complain about everything I did e.g. It's my fault his haircut is too short (well actually it is because I asked my hairdresser to cut it so!).  But it's not MY fault his shoes are annoying him or his trousers are too short! Talk about hormonal - it's bloody wearing at the moment.

He has a Maths test this week and because he doesn't like it he is revising very little. In fact, so little I'm sure he won't get anywhere and he doesn't even seem bothered! (Really struggling with keeping back when it comes to him - he is not as academic as his sister)

Ooooh! Must say though  DS is loving reading - on his own terms admittedly which means bed time and no other time but he lies with me and reads to himself and then we chat about it afterwards before he goes off to sleep.  Very tender moments.

DD has so many tests/homework it's hard to keep track. Just found out she has a Sociology test tomorrow but she is happy she has done enough work and so, I am still backing off.  Not sure if it is working.  Let's see what happens when the results come out.

Anyway I am exhausted.  Let's watch some trash TV and return at a later date.

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