Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Is it really hormonal? It cannot surely be 28 days or so since the last squabble? Oh my days. 

But first. Let me tell you about DS this morning.  Back in the Summer (against my wishes I might  add) we bought a dog.  Now. I know those of you who have been in this scenario will be sitting back with a smug look on your faces at this next statement but our DS said he would get up at 6.30 every morning to walk him!  We knew he would not be able to sustain this but still he has mostly been very good at this chore.

Fast track 3 months on and DH asked him to walk the dog this evening as well as this morning because DH would be working late so needed a hand.  DS seems to think this is totally unfair. Why should he do extra when his sister isn't asked?  DH is primary dog walker and DS and DD share the walk each morning.  I escaped that one - left DS and DH to battle it out. Anyway when I then asked DS about homework boy did he kick off. Answering me back saying he will NEVER do it and so what if he fails - which as usual gets me stressed out and worrying. So I screamed at him as he was leaving for school that I had banned him from the XBox!

However I came home tonight and he was out walking the dog.  Once we had eaten our evening meal we then sat down and studied for his test on Friday! Why do kids to this to you? I've been worrying on and off all day about him and his temper. Then he goes and surprises me by doing exactly what I wanted him to do.

On the other hand DD.  Hmmmm.  One thing. That was all.  One thing. "Please do not listen to that rubbish in the lounge where I want to sit and watch the news. If you are then please use your headphones. But if I can still hear it then I want you to go upstairs."  Well. You can guess. It was still loud.  An argument ensued so I took her phone! I may as well have chopped off her arm. Boy did her attitude change. Demanded her phone back and spoke to me like I was one of her friends - well not really. Like I was one of her enemies I suppose.

So I retaliated - admittedly rather childishly perhaps - that all the clothes I'd bought her for her birthday next month were going back to the shops.  She doesn't believe me as I rarely keep to my threats. But I am determined to stick to my guns on this one. She was horrible yet the whole drama was over in 5 mins but right in the thick of it she gets right into my guts and my god I just can't stand her.

Will I ever have a stress free argument free day? It's like a seesaw in this house. One teen up and the other down and vice versa.

I'm off for a bath - on the plus side at least I'm not locking myself in there this time.....

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