Sunday, 4 November 2012

Smug? Who me?

End of the half term holiday and the week has ended eerily calm. 

DD has done plenty of homework and has managed to behave impeccably as well and for that I am truly grateful!  I am still holding back and letting her manage her own work - she has a test on Wednesday that she has not revised for but feels confident as is having a lesson on tomorrow and will work on the subject from there.  I do want to make her do more but I am learning to let her do it on her own. Hard but I'm doing it.

On another note I took DS shopping for clothes this week and boy can he shop like a pro! Very impressed.  He knew exactly what he wanted and we managed to buy lots of bit and bobs - some for now and some for Christmas.  He carried bags for me and we had an enjoyable lunch too!

I feel quite smug today relishing in the fact that both my children have been like little angels! I know that I will have many more days of arguments and fights but days like these make it all worthwhile. Long may it last!

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